Alvin and the Chipmunks Edible Image Frosting Sheet #34 Cake Cupcake Topper

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Alvin and the Chipmunks Edible Image Frosting Sheet #34 Cake Cupcake Topper


Looking for a way to impress your party guests? Decorate your frosted treats with this easy to apply edible image frosting sheet and make your celebration unforgettable! Edible image frosting sheets are perfect for any occasion. They melt into the frosting and can be used on any frosted treat. Edible images are available in a wide variety of sizes; see drop down list. Please fill out all the information fields below before adding to your cart. Scroll down for more important info.

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**Please take the time to read the full description of this item and ask all questions before ordering as I do NOT issue refunds on this item due to the nature of this item.**

Edible images are printed on high quality supreme/premium icing/frosting sheets (not rice paper) with high quality edible ink. Frosting sheets are FDA approved, allergen-gluten-dairy-nut-soy free and Kosher Certified. Edible image frosting sheets can be used on cakes, cookies, cupcakes, fondant, ice cream cakes, or any other frosted treat. 

Supreme/Premium Frosting Sheet Ingredients: starches, maltodextrin, glycerin, sugar, water, stabilizer, dextrose, emulsifiers, food color, vanilla flavor, preservatives, sucralose.

The edible images will last up to 24 months stored at room temperature in the zip lock bag they are shipped in. They can't be stored in extreme heat or cold conditions. Room temperature is highly recommended. Keep in the sealed airtight ziplock bag (it arrives in), laying on flat surface and out of direct sunlight. Edible images are easy to use. Just peel the image and place it on your freshly frosted treat. They can be used on light or dark colored frosting: butter-cream frosting, royal icing, cream cheese frosting, whipped toppings, regular/store bought frosting, sugar paste/fondant, poured chocolate/ganache and ice cream cakes. Detailed instructions and tips on how to apply and store your images are included with your order. 

Images can be personalized for any occasion! Personalization is optional and is included, NO extra charge. Include the information you would like on your image in the personalization box above. If you don't want it personalized just put "None" or "N/A" in the box. A copy of your personalized image will be emailed to you to proof before it is printed and shipped out. Please include a valid email address with your order and make sure to add my email address (shown on banner at top of page) so you receive my emails in your inbox. Orders may be delayed until proof is approved. I want to make sure you are completely happy with the way your image looks. So please keep an eye out for any emails sent to you.

**IMPORTANT** Please note: Round, Rectangle, Square, and Strip Sheets are NOT Pre Cut. The frosting sheets are pretty simple to cut with just a pair of scissors. If you would like me to handcut them for you, I can certainly do that for a small fee. Just choose one of the "Handcut" services from the "Add On Services" drop down list. There are 2 different options; the first one is for 3 or less sheets, if you have 4 or more sheets you would like handcut please choose the second one for 4+ sheets. If you don't need them handcut just select "None" from the "Add On Services" drop down list.

Ordering Process:

1. Select the size you would like from the "Sizes Available" drop down list. (digital file is emailed - all other sizes are edible images printed and shipped to you)

2. If you need any of your sheets handcut for you please add on the correct option from the "Add On Services" drop down list, either 1-3 sheets or 4+ sheets. (see important note above). If you don't need them handcut select "None".

3. Fill in the "Personalization" box with the information you would like on your image. If you don't want it personalized just put "NA" or "None" in the box. **Note** 1.25" and 1.5" round will not be personalized due to the size.

4. Click "Add to Cart". If you would like more than 1 just put in the quantity after you add to your cart and make sure to click the update button underneath the quantity you enter, then follow the checkout steps. 

5. If you requested personalization, once I receive your order I will type it up and email you a sample to proof within 24-48 hours (often sooner). Please make sure you include a valid email address with your order.

6. Proof the sample and let me know if you need any changes made. I will make as many changes as you need until you are 100% satisfied with your design. If you approve the sample I will print and ship out your order within 24-48 hours (often sooner). **If you ordered the digital file that will be emailed to you not shipped**

**NOTE** The 1.25" and 1.5" round size is for mini cupcakes/cookies and are very small. There will be NO personalization added to these sizes (due to how small they are). If you need them personalized and for standard cupcake size, please choose the 2" rounds. 

**NOTE for Side Strips** Number needed per cake size (estimated): 5-6" round - 2 strips = 1 sheet; 7-9" round - 3 strips = 1 sheet; 10-12" round - 4 strips = 2 sheets; 14" round - 5 strips = 2 sheets; 16-18" round - 6 strips - 2 sheets; 6" square - 3 strips = 1 sheet; 8-10" square - 4 strips = 2 sheets; 12" square - 5 strips = 2 sheets; 14" square - 6 strips = 2 sheets; 16" square - 7 strips = 3 sheets; 9x13" rectangle - 5 strips = 2 sheets; 11x15" - 6 strips = 2 sheets; 12x18" rectangle - 7 strips = 3 sheets 

**A Digital File option is available as well. A digital file is a file that is emailed to you, you then can print it out yourself or take it to a photo lab/bakery to have printed. No physical item will be shipped to you when you order this option. Digital files can still be personalized just add info on the order form. Digital files are not edible unless you have them printed on a cake printer with edible ink (some bakeries can do this for you). If printing at a photo lab or bakery please make sure to contact them first about their printing policies as I do not accept refunds on digital files for any reason due to the nature of the item.

Digital File Printing: I DO NOT claim ownership of any licensed graphics, they are for inspiration only. It is very important to note that copyright restrictions on licensed images only permit graphics to be used for one time personal use such as birthday parties. Not all photo labs/bakeries are aware of this policy and if you have issues with a photo lab/bakery refusing to print for you, please try another local photo lab/bakery or print at home yourself. There will be no copyright release from me, so please make sure the printing company/bakery you'll be using doesn't need any of this. We are not liable for any printing issues between you and the printing agency / company. You can either find another printing company or print it yourself at home. NO REFUND will be given if your print shop/bakery refuses to print your purchased digital file.

Stop and check out the other edible images I have available. Don't see what your looking for, just send me a request so I can custom design it for you. I'm always accepting custom orders (no extra charge).

Color Disclaimer:  Edible inks are used to print the images so colors will not look exactly as what you see on your monitor. Colors might vary but will look superior! The colors will also brighten up once they absorb into the frosting/icing. Due to the nature of edible inks and icing sheets exact color matches can not and will not be guaranteed. Same apply for lighting conditions since every monitor will render images differently.

You can find my Terms & Conditions, Shipping, Returns and Refund policies and any other updated information in the links at the top of the page located just underneath my banner. Most of your questions can be answered by reviewing this info. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Just send them to my email address shown on the banner at the top of the page and remember to add my email address to your email contacts so that my emails go to your inbox and don't get lost in your spam/junk mail folder.


Disclaimer: All items are handmade, made to order. All copyrighted and trademarked images are in NO WAY being sold. These images are included FREE of charge when you purchase my design services. You are paying for the materials and labor used to design and create these items for you. I do not claim ownership on any trademarked image/logo/or graphic used in a design, as they belong to their rightful and respective owners. These items are intended for private use, not to be resold.

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Alvin and the Chipmunks #34
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Edible Image Sizes Available
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Edible Image Sizes Available
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